CONSPIRACY: How a Political Action Committee Hijacked America’s Criminal Justice System

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Although typically dwarfed by the presidential race it is equally important to remember that on the ballots of any given county in America, local elections often run contemporaneously. Statistically it would seem that voters demonstrate a tendency to pick candidates based purely on their political affiliation as it correlates to who they want to see in the White House. Let’s be honest, most voters have no clue about who is running as their county Sheriff or their District Attorney for the County of Anywhere, USA. Because of this tendency to not do their homework on lesser candidates, if they are voting for a Republican president, chances are they are voting Red across the board. This is certainly, more often than not, the same of Democrat voters. There are special interest groups banking on the apathy of uninformed voters. And if, say, there are two Democratic candidates running for the same position, the winner is often decided by something such as having more signs in people’s yards or more 1 minute commercial spots — i.e. more funding. The voter vaguely remembers seeing these advertisements and establishes an subconscious psychological reason they choose that candidate. What we seem to forget or are completely unaware of is that there are powerful special interest groups behind the scenes, often referred to as Political Action Committees (but more commonly known by its acronym of PAC). These PACs are funded by various donors, mostly with very deep pockets. And by deep pockets, I mean the kind of one-percenters that can afford to shell out 50 million dollars without blinking. Far from purely altruistic reasons, in reality it is more of a long-term investment strategy.

One such Political Action Committee during both the 2016 and 2020 election cycle was the Justice & Public Safety PAC. What is this PAC’s objective, you ask? To install radical, leftist ideologues into the positions of authority capable of radically changing the role of their respective counties “Top Cop” position, the District Attorney’s office. This, of course, may seem odd since District Attorney’s are prosecutorial in definition and not in the business of representing defendants. Why then would a PAC that openly and vocally supports criminal justice reform therefore be interested in the role of the top prosecuting attorney’s office? The answer is: subversion. 

State law technically trumps any prosecuting attorney’s office so that, so long as the elements of the crime are met for any given statute, a police officer may make arrests or issue arrest warrants. But if the District Attorney’s (DA) Office refuses to file charges and opts to drop the case, then at most the defendant can “beat the rap, but can’t beat the ride.” That’s cop-talk for an arrestee ultimately beating the charge in court but can’t prevent from being inconvenienced by being taken into custody. It is also important to note that DA’s possess an immense range of discretion — meaning they can choose when and which cases they want to prosecute and which they refuse to pursue. Knowing this, does it make a little more sense why radical leftists might want to occupy the role as their county’s District Attorney? I will have to admit, though underhanded, sick and perverse, it is a brilliant plan from a strategic point of view. 

At first I observed someone in my own county (which will remain undisclosed so as to preserve my anonymity) running for the DA. Without going into gross detail, suffice it to say that this individual has thus far had a lackluster career that ordinarily would disqualify someone from such an auspicious role, but moreover this individual holds very radical views that seem to contradict the role of a prosecutor. But this is far from an isolated incident affecting one or two counties… these are a series of acts that can only rightfully be described as a soft coup as this Justice & Public Safety PAC sought to install radical Progressive DA’s in numerous US cities. This, obviously, is not by mere coincidence but is, in fact, evidence of a much deeper conspiracy. 

Let us review a handful of the District Attorney’s that have been installed:

  1. Larry Krasner – Bucks County (Philadelphia, PA)
  2. John Creuzot – Dallas County (Dallas, TX)
  3. Kim Foxx – Cook County (Chicago, IL)
  4. Joe Gonzalez – Bexar County (San Antonio, TX)
  5. Rachel Rollins – Suffolk County (Boston, MA)
  6. Aramis Ayala – Orange-Osceola County (Orlando, FL)
  7. Parisa Dehghani-Tafti – Arlington County (Arlington, VA) [Metro D.C. area]
  8. Jake Lilly – Gilpin/Jefferson County (Denver, CO)
  9. Jose Garza – Travis County (Austin, TX)
  10. Jim Kimok – Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  11. Kim Ogg – Harris County (Houston, TX)
  12. Chesa Boudin – San Francisco County (San Francisco, CA)
  13. Kim Gardner – St. Louis County (St. Louis, MO)
  14. Raul Torres – Bernalillo County (Albuquerque, NM)
  15. Mike Schmidt – Multnomah County (Portland, OR)

This is just 15 out of a total 27 DA’s around the nation. As you can see, these aren’t insignificant little towns, these are major metropolitan urban centers. Clearly there is a puppet-master pulling the strings…. But who? The name I am about to disclose has become something of a household name at this point in history. The very utterance of the name itself evokes strong reactions and he has become something of the embodiment of evil — a kind of evil incarnate. That name: George Soros. Of course, as soon as his name is mentioned it is often met with eye rolls and is immediately suggestive that you must be some kind of loony conspiracy theorist. I, myself, am naturally a skeptic and not predisposed to fanciful conspiracy theories and pride myself on never buying into anybody’s bullshit wholesale. At my core I am an investigator. I am interested in provable facts, not endless speculation or conjecture. In that spirit, as luck would have it, there is an extensive paper trail to substantiate that billionaire financier, George Soros, is behind the Justice & Public Safety PAC in a major way. And when he is not funneling in money directly and out in the open, he has several shell companies financially tied back to him where he adds additional monetary support.

Who is George Soros and why does he have such a sordid reputation? Soros is now a very old man but found out early on that he’s a man that’s good with numbers and he has refined his financial instincts over several decades. He has enriched himself through multiple and varied avenues, but I suppose the bulk of his enormous wealth primarily comes from Hedge Funds. Soros’ primary way of amassing ludicrous amounts of money mostly came from him hedging his bets against entire financial institutions and betting against various nation’s monetary systems thereby causing massive instability in those markets. His infamy was so pronounced that he was once often referred to as “the man who nearly broke the Bank of England.” He has done the same things against numerous countries, to include developing 3rd World Nations. His monetary manipulation is just the tip of his scumbaggery though. It is even reputed that the Hungarian-born Jew even collaborated with the Nazi Party to sell out his own people as a way to preserve his own life. So it goes without saying that many people rightfully question the depth of his sense of morality. Without belaboring every detail of his life, suffice it to say that he fancies himself a Progressive and often manipulates elections to suit his own agenda. Far from being the socialist he thinks he is in principle, Soros is obviously very much a capitalist, and not just a capitalist, but the kind of crony capitalist who by hook or crook will do anything to siphon money away from others to give to himself. This isn’t to say that he does not look at himself as a philanthropist. Indeed, he has in fact given away vast sums of money to causes he believes in, but rest assured that behind the imprimatur of a philanthropist that a self-serving game of quid pro quo more the likely reason for the generosity. As the adage goes, “in order to make money, you have to spend money” and as we know “scared money don’t make none.” Soros certainly knows this, which brings us full circle back to his goal of infusing millions of dollars into local elections. 

George Soros

Among other things, Soros is all about his Open Society Foundations — a cabal of elitists who don’t believe in the sovereignty of nations and have no respect for borders. As he nears the end of his life, after having been wildly successful financially, Soros is now primarily concerned with cementing his legacy. George thinks we should all be globalists beholden to an autocracy of which he and like-minded people have a seat at the head of the table. He wants desperately to advance this philosophy long after his death and for people to remember his name fondly in subsequent generations. So it’s no wonder why he now seeks to undermine America every chance he gets. Soros is all about sowing chaos and discord so as to destabilize nations and increase his locus for control. Soros wants to see homeless littering the streets and he wants to be loose on crime and harsh on anything that offers a society structure (like police). Naturally, who would he seek to install that shares some of his radical views? Well, it’s the people listed above — self-described socialists who have no compunction excoriating the most filthy rich one-percenters but have no moral qualms taking money from the ultimate capitalist, George Soros. 

But Georgey isn’t the only one funneling in dark money to deconstruct society and reconstruct history. Do you recall in my manifesto where I mentioned special interest firms who take discreet donations in order to sell a narrative, such as “Demand Protest?” They are but one cog in the machinery that seeks to rewrite history and seeks to build a powerful narrative. The Public Relations (PR) firm, BerlinRosen LTD, have infused millions into these local elections. Unlike George Soros which is listed as a “donor,” BerlinRosen takes money from various sources and distributes it discreetly…. Well…. I’ll just let them tell you what they do:

We are built by campaigners and have intensive strategic work in our DNA. We approach every engagement with one goal: “winning the day” for our clients. We proactively and creatively SHAPE YOUR NARRATIVE. We always think big, get results and won’t be out-hustled.” 

BerlinRosen funneled money into elections on behalf of the Justice & Public Safety PAC. According to the JPS PAC’s own website, they have run in 33 separate local elections and have won 27 seats. Their stated aim is to focus on “reform.” Reform, of course, is a rather ambiguous term because it insinuates that something was wrong with how prosecution in the US has been historically approached and that these visionaries seek to amend a broken system. One of their reasons is quoted as such:

Prosecutors have outsize power and largely unchecked authority in the criminal justice system—from charging nonviolent drug offenders with felonies to seeking the death penalty disproportionately based on the race of the victim and defendant.”

I agree with the first part, that prosecutors have always had a largely unchecked authority in the criminal justice system. but If they were being honest, they would admit that they aren’t looking to give up all that power, but rather to be the heir apparent to that unbridled power and to wield it to suit their own agenda. Many of the candidates seeking the role ran on a platform of prosecuting dirty cops. If you recall in my manifesto, I abhor dirty cops who sully the badge and jeopardize the reputation and safety of all police officers by default. I am all for prosecuting actual dirty cops, but a disconnected from reality college campus Marxist’s version of a “dirty cop” much more generously lumps great cops into their loose definition. Therein lies the problem. Given the fact that in city after city, DA’s refused to file even a single charge against protesters turned rioters during the Summer of 2020, often even for violent offenses, speaks to the political animus and the political narrative being sown. 

Many DA’s are going after police officers retroactively for cases of misconduct, oftentimes for cases that have already been cleared by that county’s previous DA’s Office. Unlike with cases that have already gone to trial there is no limit as to how many times someone can be indicted, meaning it does not constitute Double Jeopardy — a protection afforded under the 5th Amendment. Just continuously throw shit against a wall to see what eventually sticks. Many, like Philly’s Larry Krasner, are not averse to victim-blaming. For instance, Krasner blamed the shooting of six police officers by a felon on a police “culture of disrespect.” Curiously, that “disrespect” seems to flow in only one direction. In an interview with DemocracyNow!, a long-standing editorial show hosted by bleeding-heart Progressive, Amy Goodman, Krasner openly admitted to placing Philly PD officers on a “list” for the purposes of insinuating untrustworthiness of the officers. Krasner stated that something as trivial as a Facebook post would show “bias” on the part of the officer. Naturally, Krasner’s own open and defiant bias is unapologetic and obviously not up for debate. Krasner feels it is his civic duty to provide as much exculpatory evidence to the Defense as humanly possible as a way to lampoon any given case. While Krasner does have a legal obligation to provide any potential exculpatory evidence as a matter of recourse, he seems to desire to go a step beyond by undermining his role as a Prosecutor. 

Larry Krasner

It is, after all, his job to PROSECUTE criminal activity within his jurisdiction! He seems to fail to understand what the role of the office is and forgets the inherent adversarial nature of that role which is, in fact, an integral role to the balance within the justice system. Part of the problem with this Progressive, reformist version of DA’s is that it is the District Attorney’s job to pursue justice on behalf of victims and to give them a voice! These DA’s seem to view the person on trial, almost always, as the victims. But who is advocating on behalf of a murdered victim’s family? Are they not victims too? 

In that same interview, Goodman mentioned yet again one of her favorite talking points, the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia was arrested and charged with the murder of Philadelphia police officer, Daniel Faulkner. While incarcerated, Mumia became something of a folk hero by claiming to be a “political prisoner” and has long sought to overturn his conviction. Goodman, drawn to leftwing political dissidents, has long defended Mumia’s alleged innocence. Of all the cases to look to overturn, this seems like an odd choice given the weight of the evidence. Goodman is, in fact, infatuated by a case that couldn’t possibly be more evident as to Mumia’s guilt. To this day Mumia can’t explain how Faulkner’s bullets were lodged inside of his body and why Mumia’s bullets were discovered lodged inside the body of Faulkner. Krasner offered to reexamine the case, to which he seems certain of Mumia’s innocence. And it is this kind of activism at the highest rung that ought to concern everyone. 

DemocracyNow! interview with Larry Krasner

San Francisco, CA, a city known for its temperate climate and easy-going lifestyle has, in no small part, been raped and pillaged by the most radical of radical. To literally see human excrement and needles littering virtually every street is not hyperbole, but has now become a commonly accepted sight. Law enforcement has been shackled and paralyzed, in no small part because of their DA, Chesa Boudin. Boudin has had an interesting life. He is the son of two homegrown terrorists from the Weather Underground and ties to the Black Liberation Army, two far-left extremist groups active in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Both of his parents were imprisoned on politically-motivated murders. Due to their incarceration, Chesa was raised by another Weather Underground member, Bill Ayers. Ayers, despite his associations with literal domestic terrorism, is quite chummy with the likes of several prominent US leaders, such as Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and the Clinton political empire. And his associations with leftist ideology extends even further through outright sympathy for communist regimes, such as Venezuela. Boudin was the official interpreter for the late Hugo Chavez, an ardent, hardline militant that helped run the Venezuelan economy in to the ground. Boudin’s contributions in destroying the Silicon Valley has been no small task. It is one thing to be a reformist, but it is another thing altogether to demonize the very people who keep your city’s economy running and to so cavalierly denigrate the public servants who keep it well oiled. Boudin is as radical as they come and the level of dysfunction that he has brought San Francisco has now become the model by which other Progressive cities, like Seattle, Portland, Austin, and Chicago seem to take cues from.

Activist Shawn King (left) with Chesa Boudin (right)

Austin’s DA, Jose Garza, before he even won his election bid, pandered to his base by subjectively siding with the shooting death of a man named Michael Ramos by Austin Police Officer, Christopher Taylor. Upon review of the evidence presented I would agree with the indictment as alleged, that based upon the totality of the circumstances involved, Officer Taylor’s use of deadly force did meet the legal threshold. The problem that I have is with the blatant lack of objectivity as if Taylor’s guilt was a foregone conclusion long BEFORE the review process even took place. See, I don’t side with cops just because they’re cops. I side with the truth, regardless, and that is a fundamental role of the District Attorney’s Office. That does not seem to be the case, however, with Garza when he openly shared his sympathy with Ramos’ family by assuring them that he would deliver to them “justice” long before he could have been legally privy to a single detail concerning the facts of the case. It is one thing to offer condolences, regardless of the circumstances, to a grieving family and it is altogether another thing to recklessly state categorically what the outcome of a case should be a priori. Additionally, Garza ran on a platform of prosecuting cops. In fact, like many of Soros’ installments, among some of the unanimous platforms they ran on were: instituting a no cash bail system, dropping drug charges, assuming every incarceration of “black and brown people” is always because of a pernicious racial animus at its core, and the war on cops is a top priority for Garza as well as the rest of the “Progessive DA’s” around the country. 

Jose Garza

Kim Foxx, Cook County’s (Chicago) DA, has wrought untold damage to the city and its reputation, to the point that Chicago has become the preeminent model for what this Progressive movement will do to the morale and safety of a city. Cook County is a revolving door resulting in a vicious cycle of unending violence. Although she ought to be best known for her dumping of thousands of violent felons back on to the streets, she is probably most famous for her role in refusing to prosecute liar and abuser of the police system, Jussie Smollette. Smollette, if you recall, was the failing actor who concocted an elaborate scheme to pretend that roving packs of racist Trump supporters were scouring the streets in search of gay black men in which to place a noose around the neck of. Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Superintendent of Police, Eddie Johnson, both railed against Smollette and Foxx for playing politics instead of respecting the rule of law.

Kim Foxx

Recall the McCloskey’s, a family standing on the steps of their home armed in an effort to dissuade an angry mob from continuing to descend upon their home? St. Louis DA, Kim Gardner, has sought to imprison the McCloskey’s for doing nothing more than legitimately defending their home in accordance with the 2nd Amendment and even the loosest definition of the Castle Doctrine. They did not violate a single law, and yet Gardner, never letting a good crisis go to waste, insisted on playing politics when it comes to the inherent rights of homeowners. 

It was alleged that Gardner tampered with evidence in an effort to help the bogus charges stick. A Missouri circuit court purportedly took Gardner off the case and disallowed her to prosecute them. Gardner, however, continued to push the issue. It wasn’t until numerous death threats and a failed appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court did she finally back off the issue. 

Kim Gardner

These are just a handful of the politicking at the hands of Soros’ dream team. Despite the lunacy there nevertheless is a veneer of legitimacy that helps to push these efforts along. To be completely fair, I don’t altogether disagree with some of their stated aims. There really have been scores upon scores of overzealous, heavy-handed DA’s who have imprisoned countless innocent people based on either shoddy police investigations or a hyped case that needed a speedy conclusion so they pinned the tail on whomever might make a good fall guy. We can know this with a measure of certainty given the existence of the Innocence Project, a non-profit group that seeks to appeal wrongful convictions based upon DNA evidence that brings the initial ruling into question. So let me make it very clear that I don’t believe there is not room for actual reform when there certainly is. But the political grandstanding going on isn’t so much reform as it is lunacy that throws the baby out with the bathwater…. Because what happens when you focus on reactionary emotions instead of measurable data? Well, there are predictable outcomes. 

Predictably, since having taken over as District Attorney’s and since the “Reimagine Policing” efforts which defunded numerous departments around the country, a steady increase of crime has proven what a sensible person already knew would happen. From the time the George Floyd protests/riots began, the homicide rate in the US jumped 53% from June to August. That was the national average. There were nearly 2,000 more Aggravated Assaults in 2020 than when compared to 2019 reports. Burglary of a Non-Residence spiked 124.5%! All of this during a time when police officers are retiring early or quitting in record numbers. All major police forces in the nation have reported a workforce crisis and it isn’t hard to see why. The risk versus reward is now so heavily imbalanced that the early warning signs of the “Ferguson Effect” are now patently obvious to even the most casual of observers. The Ferguson Effect is, of course, the effect on law enforcement personnel in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown. The effect is that proactive policing is virtually non-existent and the use of force is now heavily questioned, even during instances where it manifestly is more than justified. It is a chilling effect whereby law enforcement is incentivized to turn a blind eye. It is now made infinitely worse knowing that your own department and your own District Attorney is now gunning for you to add your name and your life to their trophy case. Expect this to get much worse before it gets better. But who will be left on the job? The police are the last line of civil defense. Who will protect the weak from the predatory? Who will want to be police officers moving forward? When crime can no longer be disincentivized by accountability, what measure prevents criminals from continuing to prey on the weak? 

If you voted for city councils, mayors, district attorneys, senators, governor’s, etc that follow this self-destructive path, then you are the problem. You will be the one’s left holding the bag. 

So, now that we have identified the problem, what are potential solutions? Seems to me that I am in agreement that prosecutors wield way more power than is necessary and the usual checks and balances that ordinarily would be in place are conspicuously absent in many of these instances. The amount of discretion is disconcerting and if the amount of power they wield hasn’t been made manifest, consider the meteoric rise of current Vice President, Kamala Harris. Harris’ last role was a District Attorney for Alameda County (Oakland, CA).

Therefore it is incumbent upon the people of any given county to demand a recall and request sanctions. It is also incumbent upon legislators to pass into law more regulatory checks and balances that remove a DA’s ability to be more powerful than even the county judges, because as it currently stands, that is certainly the case. This may all seem wonderful but I am sure some of you are screaming that your State’s legislators are part of the problem in the sense that they are colluding with the DA’s to push a similar agenda. In those instances, it is necessary then for the People, through mass litigation, to sue the County for failing to adequately provide a working justice system. You have so much more power than you are led to believe. You, the common citizen, when in a sizable group, presents to the government a formidable opponent. 

As I have repeatedly stated in my manifesto, the “Silent Majority” has to stop screaming at their television sets and must take actionable steps in order to change a damn thing. You can’t just sit idly by on the sidelines any longer and expect change to happen. Those who go along to get along are going to be in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately it is not until right at the precipice of danger that most people finally begin to take action. The problem is that at the precipice, it is too late. You MUST take steps right NOW to save your Republic. Do not delay this any longer, lest you find yourselves shackled to the walls of a gulag. 

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